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Find out about how WizKit made a difference for the following clients:

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Find out about how WizKit made a difference for the following clients:

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"in" creates WizKit® the branding and sales system for PowerPoint, Word and Excel used by leading companies throughout the world. These systems improve brand application and simplify the creation of presentations.

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Please note: For confidential reasons we do not display copies of our clients’ WizKit on this website.


WizKit® for Office (PowerPoint and/or Word and Excel):

As a complete standalone system, or as an MS Office front end companion,
to the company's main content management system or cloud solution.

The WizKit can be used in or out of the office, on or offline, on any PC, with any version of MS Office.
Or in manually mode via the Cloud, OneDrive, iPad, Mac, Android, Windows Tablet, etc.

With a WizKit you always have a suite of your branded tools, templates, thousands of ready made image slides, charts, diagrams, maps, icons, guides etc, plus all your company's product and service presentations and communications always one-click away. Inside your own named WizKit tab within PowerPoint, Word and Excel, where they are used and belong. All automatically updated daily from your master copies on your server or CMS.

Why use the WizKit with a CMS? Most large companies have an online content management system (CMS), one place to create and manage everything, from websites, posters, videos to presentations. But these typically lack the detailed help given by the WizKit when working in PowerPoint, Word and Excel.

  • Build on-brand, up-to-date presentations in minutes.

  • Automatic Brand Checker, checks and corrects your presentations in seconds.

  • Consistent branding throughout the entire company's presentations.

  • Automatically updates old brand presentations to the new brand style in seconds.

  • Used by many of the world's leading companies.

  • Award winning software.

  • Improves sales: 40% of sales staff reported it had helped them win new business, within one of Britain's leading Telecoms companies. 

  • One-off payment, no on-going fees or license restrictions.

  • Custom-built for your company and rolled-out worldwide within weeks.

  • Ideal for Pharmaceutical or financial service companies who wish to selectively lock text
    and other elements within presentations to ensure regulatory compliance.

  • Easy to install, no need for Admin rights, even on locked systems.

  • Easy to use, no training required.

The WizKit allows your company to stay in control of the quality and consistency of its presentations and proposals. Our software has been in daily use by global companies for ten years, and has a proven track record of delivering results.

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Our client list is impressive; Adama, Adecco, Alders, AllianzGI, American Airlines, AOL, Arts Council - England, Aviva, Battelle, BT, BT Openreach, Cable and Wireless, CGI, Comverse, Duke Street, easyJet, EDF Energy, Epson, Ernst & Young, GE (General Electric), IBM, Interbrand, Macmillan, Maersk Logistics, MOD, Motorola, Norwich Union, Nycomed, Orange, PA Consulting, Parcelforce, Philips, Post Office, PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers), Rabobank, Rothschild, Royal Mail, Sainsbury's, Shell, SKY, TAQA, Telstra, Toyota, Umicore, Weatherford.






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In Branding Limited * 'IN' creates branding software for PowerPoint, Word and Excel to support your brand, and PowerPoint templates for brand identity management.
IN - presentation systems. Creates PowerPoint presentation and branding system for many of the world’s leading companies, the systems improve brand application and simplify the creation of on-brand communications.

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Regulatory affairs consulting within the pharmaceutical industry
clients  offers a complete pharmaceutical regulatory affairs support service during pharmaceutical development to assist in the implementation of a global regulatory strategy. The role of clients  staff is to tell you the current standards for your development regulatory submissions, and what you need to do to meet them. We explain why you need to do what needs to be done, and help you to generate data which will successfully meet the requirements.

Our services include:
Development, preparation, assembly and submission of complete Common Technical Documentation (CTD) for marketing authorization applications (MAAs) in both Europe and the USA.
Orphan drug designation/applications
Conversion of paper or NEES documents into electronic dossiers using e-CTD (electronic Common Technical Document) software
Preparation of responses to regulatory authorities, comment letters, and assessment reports
Provision of support for scientific advice meetings, representation to regulatory agencies and meeting planning
Preparation and submission of European clinical trial authorization (CTAs) and ethics committee applications
Risk management plans
Due diligence and data evaluations.
Pharmaceutical regulations impact on all areas of drug development, manufacture, control and supply, from the early stages of drug development, through to dossier submission, approval and marketing.
clients  pharmaceutical regulatory affairs consultants have the experience to take a broad view of the development process. This means we are well-equipped to tailor pivotal submission documentation to facilitate a company's chances of achieving optimum product information. Post submission, clients  can assist the client in responding to questions raised by regulatory agencies. clients  will review all questions and examine submitted data and we will work with agencies on your behalf to ensure an optimum path to market.

FSA Compliance Services
All businesses are different and as a result, all compliance/regulatory solutions will be different. In everything we do we aim to deliver a personal and bespoke service ensuring individual business needs are met, no matter how large or small.
Our core aim is to help you interpret the FSA rules, understand how they affect your business and give you simple guidance on how to apply them. The FSA require all regulated firms to have core documented compliance processes and procedures. As part of the FSA application process, the FSA have published the areas that they would expect to be covered, as a minimum, in your FSA compliance procedures and processes.
As part of their processes and controls, such as Treating Customers Fairly or FSA regulatory rule breaches. GAP Analysis and Project Implementation The FSA regularly change their rules and regulations and using a compliance consultant is a simple and cost effective way of assisting you in identifying what changes are required and how to implement them within your business.
Read more...  The FSA rules detailed in SYSC and the Training & Competence sourcebooks outline the requirement for all regulated firms to ensure appropriate initial and ongoing training is provided to ensure all staff can demonstrate competence in terms of skills and knowledge for the work they undertake. Bespoke Compliance Solutions A FSA Compliance Consultant is normally instigated to perform a specific audit or task orientated project. Once a consultant understands your business and ethos, a holistic and more bespoke service is usually requested and sought on an ongoing basis. Finance Houses are normally caught by FSA regulation as a result of their sale of insurances secondary to their core business. Changes to PPI regulation continue to challenge the sale of PPI in this environment.

Microsoft SharePoint, SharePoint.WebPartPage.Document, MOSS, PowerPoint.
PowerPoint and SharePoint integration.
Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 (WSS) & MOSS Demo.

The SharePoint Slide Library is a feature that comess with PowerPoint MOSS only. It provides
rich integration with the PowerPoint 2007 client to track slides used from the library in a
presentation to ensure that updates to the master slide are notified to users of the slides.
SharePoint Specialists
Installation, consultancy, support & training. Microsoft PowerPoint Gold Partner.
Essential free 3d party add-ons for SharePoint for PowerPoint Office. PowerPoint 2007
SharePoint Slide Libraries are a powerful new tool for Microsoft Office users who create
frequent presentations and need to make changes on a frequent basis.Microsoft Office, Windows Vista, Office 2002, 2003, XP or even 98, ribbon, Microsoft Word 2007, Microsoft Excel 2007, Microsoft Outlook 2007, Microsoft PowerPoint 2007, Microsoft Access 2007. XML file formats reduce file size, automate formatting, the Quick Launch toolbar, Open XML file formats, 2007 Office Compatibility Pack download, Office XP and 2003 users will be able to open, edit, and save Open XML files. PowerPoint 2007 benefits hugely from Office 2007's highly visual ribbon interface and new design tools. PowerPoint 2007's new themes. SmartArt, a drawing tool for creating graphics such as organisational charts, pyramids and cycles, that illustrate relationships. Proposed solution architecture - primary technologies used (VBA, VSTO, etc). Any pre-requirements for pc's - VSTO runtimes, PIA's, etc. PowerPoint or Deployment approach for both XP and Vista, and in particular the approach to Vista security. Built using the Microsoft .NET framework (2.0 or above) and makes extensive use of Microsoft’s VSTO 2005 runtime..NET assemblies and COM libraries. These can include; extensibility.dll, Office Extensibility, OFFICE.DLL, Core Office Framework, Interop.Shell32.dll, Windows Interop Framework, Microsoft.Office.Interop.PowerPoint.dll, PowerPoint Interop Framework, Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel.dll, Excel Interop Framework, Microsoft.Office.Interop.Word.dll, Word Interop Framework. Office Theme, Custom Colours (colours) and updating XLM files. Interop, Framework.

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